I Have Some Interesting New Clients

Of course George is completely off the rails as a businessman, ever since Lauren dumped him over the secretary he just does not care about the company. I tracked him down in Las Vegas, that was easy enough. He has been using the company credit card there on what looks like a really fun ride. I asked him what the really big entry was, and he told me that it was two brunette escorts in Las Vegas. He laughed and said that the two of them were working shifts. He then opened up the drapes and showed me one of them sunbathing nude on his balcony. She smiled at the expression on my face and asked me if I liked what I saw. She stood up and asked me if I would like a lapdance just to make George laugh. I told him that he was getting an excellent deal if the other one was half this attractive. George almost hurt himself laughing and told me that he had worked out an arrangement.

Apparently George has not given up business entirely, he just does not do it for money now. Some of these girls are really good at what they do and they make a great deal of money in the process. He told me that Carolyn had a lot of real estate, but she needed to diversify. The next time I looked up there were three other beautiful girls, one of them carrying a briefcase. He introduced them to me and acted as my hype man for his own purposes. George told them that he trusted me with his life and tens of millions of dollars of his money, and that I could look after their money too. This was not true before he moved out of town and he could have done it all himself if he wanted to.