How Can I Get Pregnant With A Girl?

If you are looking to become pregnant with a girl, there are many things that you can do to increase your chances. For starters, you will need to track your ovulation cycle carefully. Then you should have intercourse two to three days before you ovulate.

This will give male sperm enough time to die off and allow the stronger female sperm time to reach the egg in order to fertilize it. You should also avoid having intercourse near the time that you expect to ovulate because you risk the chance of female sperm competing with male sperm.

Another way to improve your chances is to have intercourse that does not penetrate very much. This will place the sperm in contact with the acidic region of the vagina, which will cause male sperm to die off faster.

Although there is not a way to guarantee that you will become pregnant with a girl, these items will definitely improve your chances. Make sure that you follow these steps so that you will have a better chance of becoming pregnant with a girl.

How Do I Get Pregnant Naturally At 40?

Many women who are 40 or over and are trying to become pregnant, find that the process is fairly difficult due to their age. Since we are born with all the eggs that we will ever produce, we will eventually run out of them. Because of this, the older we become, the less likely we will be able to become pregnant.

However, there are many women who have been able to become pregnant naturally at 40. While many have chosen fertility treatments, others have not had to go this route at all. The first thing that you must do is find a doctor that specializes in helping older women become pregnant.

By having the expertise of your doctor, you will be able to learn all the ways that you can improve your diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle so that you can improve your chances of becoming pregnant naturally. You should also take a look at the items that make up your lifestyle, such as cigarettes and alcohol. It is best to remove many of these negative influences from your life as well.

Robitussin And Cervical Mucus, Does It Work?

When you are looking to become pregnant, cervical mucus can be extremely important. Even though you are not required to have it in order to become pregnant, it can help protect the sperm and make sure that it lives long enough to reach the egg and fertilize it.

Some women struggle to become pregnant because of the health of their cervical mucus and find that it is necessary to improve the health of it in order to increase their chances of becoming pregnant.

There are many different things on the market that have been shown to help improve the cervical mucus that a woman has in her body. One of these items is Robitussin. While this drug and helping with fertility are not usually thought of together, it has been shown to loosen up the mucus in the entire body, rather than only in the lungs as most people think.


One of the best things about cervical mucus is that it can help a woman determine when she is ovulating. During the month, this cervical mucus changes in consistency and color so that fertility can be promoted at the right time.

For example, after a woman finishes her menstrual cycle, her cervical mucus will be dry and there will be very little of it. However, the closer that she comes to the time when she is fertile, the loser and more plentiful her cervical mucus becomes.

Eventually, cervical mucus will change to where it is thin and resembles egg whites. It is at this time that a woman is most fertile and that she should participate in intercourse. When cervical mucus is in this state, it is considered healthy.

Sperm will enter the body and it will be protected by this mucus as it travels to the egg. If healthy sperm is not available, it will be harder for the sperm to reach the egg properly.


There are some medications that can negatively affect cervical mucus. Clomid, for example, has been shown to produce hostile mucus in some women. Even though Clomid is usually considered to promote fertility and help a woman to become pregnant, there is a chance that hostile mucus will be a side effect of taking it.


However, women have found that by taking Robitussin, they are able to clear up the hostile mucus and are able to produce the healthy and fertile cervical mucus that is important when they are trying to become pregnant.


In order for it to be the most effective, there are certain periods of time when you should take Robitussin. For example, you should carefully monitor your ovulation cycle so that you know when you are most fertile.

There are a couple of different ways that you can do this; either by using an ovulation predictor kit or by tracking your ovulation with a basal thermometer. Both of these methods are very effective and you should choose the one that you are most comfortable with.


About five days before you begin ovulating, you should begin taking Robitussin; the dosage is two teaspoons, three times a day. When you find that you are fertile, you can continue to take it for a couple of days following the positive reading on your ovulation predictor kit or basal temperature.


Even though Robitussin is typically considered a drug that is taken for colds and congestion, it can actually loosen up all the fluid in your body, not just those related to your respiratory system. Many women have found that by taking Robitussin, they are able to improve the quality of their cervical mucus and create an environment that is healthy for sperm to live in.

It is not necessary to stick with the name brand of this drug when you are using it for this reason. There are also many generic options that are also very effective in helping with the improvement of your cervical mucus.

However, it is important that you check to make sure that the active ingredient is guaifensin and that there are no other ingredients that may affect the success of the drug. If you do find there are other ingredients listed, these other items may make the drug that you are considering not as effective as Robitussin.

How Cervical Mucus Helps Predict Your Most Fertile Days

Cervical mucus can be an important part of the process of becoming pregnant. It can help protect the sperm and get it where it needs to go so that the chances of the egg becoming fertilized are increased. However, there is also another thing that it can help greatly with and that is helping determine the days that a woman is most fertile.


There are many other methods that can be used to tell if you are ovulating. For example, many women use an ovulation predictor kit to help make this determination. However, this must be used on a daily basis at exactly the right time. This can be extremely troublesome and can also become expensive before too long.

Another item that is popular is a basal thermometer. This also requires careful dedication in order to receive accurate readings and the instructions must be followed carefully. One small slip up and you will receive inaccurate information for the month.

However, there is also a way that you can tell if you are fertile for free and that involves the type of cervical mucus that is being put off by your uterus.


The cervical mucus that is produced by the body changes throughout the month. Just after your period, you will find that your cervical mucus is basically non-existent. However, as the time approaches for your ovulation cycle and your fertile days, you will find that your cervical mucus begins to thin out and become closer to egg whites in consistency.

It is during this time that you are most fertile and you should begin trying to become pregnant. These changes are in direct relation to the hormones that are being produced by your body. These hormones will affect the quality of your cervical mucus and help give you a better chance of becoming pregnant naturally.


The health of your cervical mucus may not always be consistent. In fact, some medications, illnesses and other conditions may make it difficult for you to produce cervical mucus at all. However, there are many things that you can do to help improve the health of your cervical mucus.


For example, many women have begun taking Robitussin in order to help improve the quality of their cervical mucus. Although this is typically used when you have a cold, Robitussin has been shown to improve the mucus that is located throughout the body, not just in relation to the nasal area. Because of this, many women have been able to use Robitussin to help improve the quality of their cervical mucus and make it easier for them to become pregnant.

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There are also many herbs or over the counter medications that have been shown to help improve the cervical mucus that is being produced by a woman’s body. These over the counter medications are an all-natural approach that many women have relied on for centuries in order to increase their chances of becoming pregnant. Even though there is little scientific proof behind them, they have been shown to help women fight off a number of fertility issues including problems with their cervical mucus.


Checking the quality of your cervical mucus is completed entirely by touch and appearance. If your vagina feels dry, moist or wet, these can all help you to determine if you are fertile or not. The color of the mucus can also be helpful as can the consistency. You are most fertile when the mucus that is put off by the uterus is slippery and lubricated and has a consistency and color like egg whites.


While it is not necessarily required for a woman to have cervical mucus in order to become pregnant, it has been shown to be very helpful when you are trying to conceive. It is also a simple and easy item to look for when you are trying to determine the days that you are most fertile.

Even though there are many other methods of checking for your most fertile days, this method is free and easy to do without any tools or tracking methods. If you are looking to become pregnant soon, this is at least a good place to start when you are tracking your ovulation cycle.

Is Female Orgasm Good For Fertility?

It might not sound like something you would normally think would go together, but female orgasm and fertility actually do have the possibility of being closely related. Want to know why? Read on to find out.


There are actually several theories regarding how female orgasm can help with fertility. One theory of how female orgasm can help a woman get pregnant is because when a woman orgasms, the vagina contracts. This can in turn “suck up” the sperm more easily and allow it to get to the egg.


These contractions can help move the sperm through the uterus and the fallopian tubes more easily and can, in turn, help a woman get pregnant. There has been a little bit of research done on this subject so far, but of course, more research is needed to determine whether or not this can actually be scientifically proven.


Another theory related to female orgasm and fertility is that female orgasm can help release endorphins that make women very tired and sleepy after sex. After these endorphins are released, women are more likely to lie down and stay still after sex.


This gives the sperm a better chance to swim towards the egg and gives an overall better chance of conception. Keep this in mind after your sex sessions, and take it easy for awhile and lie down.

Of course, this theory has not been scientifically proven, but researchers do believe that it is possible, and more studies are being done on the subject as well as the upsuck theory subject to find out for sure. Until then, we will just have to wait and see.


It’s important to remember that while a male orgasm is required for a woman to get pregnant, a female orgasm definitely is not. If you have an orgasm during sex, consider that a bonus and a great thing, but not something that is required by any means.


The most important thing when it comes to sex for conception is to relax, have fun and enjoy yourself. It can be very nerve wracking to try to get pregnant, especially when you are worried about having an orgasm, or being in the right position.

Sex should always be a relaxing, enjoyable experience, even when you are trying to make a baby. So, while science tries to figure out if female orgasm really is good for fertility, remember to relax and enjoy the ride.

Couple Trying To Get Pregnant After Depo Provera Injection

There are more than 10 million women who are currently using birth control to refrain from becoming pregnant. While these birth control methods are effective, some may have long-lasting results that can affect women who are now ready to become pregnant.

One of these methods that have fallen into this category is called Depo Provera. Depo Provera is an injectable, long-lasting contraceptive that is injected once every three months in order to prevent pregnancy.


Depo Provera is a fantastic option when trying to prevent pregnancy for many. For example, it is long-lasting and has been shown to be 99% effective in preventing pregnancies of women who are taking it. You also have the benefit of taking it only four times a year and are not forced to take a daily pill or to wear a patch that can easily be forgotten or misplaced.


One of the bad things about the drug is that it sometimes can take a while to filter out of the woman after she stops taking it. It is difficult to determine the exact amount of time it takes to leave a woman’s system because everyone is different and the timeframe can vary from one woman to the next.

Another issue that many women who have taken Depo Provera have seen is an irregular cycle. This makes it difficult for women to predict when they are ovulating and can make it more difficult to determine the best time to have intercourse. Since there is only a small window when a woman can become pregnant, knowing when to have intercourse is extremely important if you’re struggling to conceive.


There is really nothing that you can do to speed up the process it takes for Depo Provera to leave your body. It simply takes some time and many doctors inform you that you will probably need to wait about 18 months before you are able to become pregnant.

The best thing to do when you are planning to have a child is to stop taking Depo Provera well in advance of the time that you are planning to conceive. This may give your body the chance it needs to return to normal after taking the drug before you begin trying to become pregnant.


If you are currently taking Depo Provera, and are planning to become pregnant soon, you should talk to your doctor about when the best time to stop taking the drug is. You should also make a few changes in the meantime as well.

For example, you should begin eating a healthy diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle so that your body will be the right state to become pregnant. You should also try to lose weight and stay in shape as well as begin the process of eliminating stress from your life.

Many of these issues have been shown to increase the chances a woman has of having issues when she is trying to conceive. It is also a good idea to begin tracking your ovulation cycle. This way you will know that you are ovulating regularly and will know the best time that you should have intercourse.


If you are having an issue with becoming pregnant, you may want to talk to your doctor. Your doctor may decide that you should take a fertility drugs such as Clomid to help regulate your cycle and help increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

He will also be able to determine if there are any other issues that may be causing you to have issues becoming pregnant. If you continue to have issues after you have gone through the Clomid cycles, your doctor will probably either increase your dosage or choose a different medication.


Depo Provera is extremely helpful when trying to prevent pregnancies. However, for women who are trying to become pregnant after they have taken the drug it can also cause issues for them as well.

For best results, you should plan your pregnancy in advance so that you know when the best time to stop taking birth control is. This will give you the best chance of the drug leaving your system in a timely manner.

How To Naturally Reverse Infertility & Get Pregnant Naturally

The idea of taking fertility drugs can be very scary for a woman. It is known that they have some dangerous side effects and the possibility of having multiple children. Some women do not want that these dangerous drugs in their bodies and are looking for a more natural way to increase her chances of becoming pregnant.

Luckily, there are many natural options that you can choose from in order to improve your chances of becoming pregnant and at the same time avoid taking fertility drugs that are prescribed by your doctor. Below are some of the most popular, natural options that you can try to increase your chances of becoming pregnant faster.


The most popular drug that a doctor typically starts their patients on who are having difficulties becoming pregnant is Clomid. It has been known to be highly effective at regulating and enhancing a woman’s ovulation. However, Clomid does come with quite a few health risks, including multiple births, ovarian rupture, and other issues.

Although these items are rare, they can be avoided by taking a more natural option. Two natural fertility treatments that work in much the same way as Clomid are called Vitex and Maca. These drugs help to regulate ovulation as well as female hormones. They have also been shown to improve the health of the eggs and increase sperm count in men.

Vitex has even been shown to help women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, and other uterine problems. These drugs are both options that you can take and are natural replacements for Clomid.


The typical lifecycle of a female egg is around 90 days. This is the amount of time it takes for the egg to make its journey to the womb from the ovary in the hopes that it may be fertilized. The egg has a better chance of implantation if it is healthy. Cleansing your body before you begin trying to become pregnant is a good way to remove toxins and chemicals that may prevent help the eggs from forming healthy.

It is a good idea to do your cleanse about three months before you’re ready to start trying to become pregnant. The items that you should avoid while you’re trying to become pregnant are things like refined sugar, processed foods, trans fat, and dairy. To replace these items you should consume whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and organic meats and dairy.

This cleanse can help rid your body of toxins that may help prevent it from becoming pregnant as well as get rid of hormones and other elements that may be causing issues with the uterus.


You should also nourish your eggs in order to prepare your uterus so that it will be able to grow a healthy baby. This means that you should eat a well-balanced diet that is free of preservatives and hormones. It is also important that you take a daily multivitamin as well as other fertility enhancing vitamins and nutrients.

This process will help strengthen your uterine lining and improve your chances of conceiving naturally. Maca is important during this process and you can also find many other foods that can help improve the quality and health of your eggs.


There are some natural treatments that you can try to help improve and nurture your uterus such as acupuncture and fertility massage. These techniques have been used for many years and have been shown to help people who are infertile finally be able to conceive.

Doctor uses needles for treatment of the patient

Some have relied on these methods even after all other fertility treatments have failed and have been able to become pregnant simply by trying some of these natural techniques.

Beautiful young woman having stomach massage.


There are a number of reasons why women want to avoid taking fertility drugs if at all possible. Some fear the side effects that they may cause and others simply want to avoid the chemicals that are placed into the body. Regardless of your reason for wanting to avoid prescription fertility drugs, you can easily try these natural methods for yourself, which many others have found successful.

It is a good idea to discuss your options with your doctor and make sure that he is aware of any drugs that you are taking. Some drugs may not work well with other medications that you may be taking, so it is important that your doctor can compare your current medications with any natural supplements that you are taking.

Medicine To Get Pregnant With A Boy

For some couples becoming pregnant is enough. However, for others who are looking to have a boy, planning intercourse carefully is very important. If you are looking to become pregnant with a boy and wondering if there is any medicine that can help you out, you should first realize that there is never a guarantee that you will have one sex over the other. However, there are certain things that you can do to help increase your chances of having a boy.


One of the most effective ways to improve your chances of becoming pregnant with a boy is by way of the Shettles method. The idea behind this method is the fact that male sperm are smaller and faster than female sperm. However, female sperm can also live in the body longer than male sperm so it is important to have intercourse as close to the day you are ready to conceive as possible.

In order to do this, it is important that you are tracking your ovulation cycle carefully. There are a couple of methods that you can rely on and both are effective; tracking your basal temperature and using ovulation predictor kits. If you are not ovulating regularly, it may be difficult to tell when you are ovulating. However, there are also some natural herbs that can help you out in this department.


 Black Cohosh Root

This herb strengthens the uterus and the uterine lining. Take this regularly and your menstrual cycle will become regular and an egg will have a better chance of attaching when it becomes fertilized. You will also be able to track your cycle easier.

Dong Quai Root

This herb helps to improve the blood circulation in the uterus. It also aids with ovulation cycle by providing iron to the body which can help regulate the hormones that are responsible for the timely occurrence of ovulation.

Maca Root

This ancient herb balances hormones and promotes fertility. It helps improve the health of the reproductive organs and regulates ovulation. It can also help with energy, stamina and male fertility as well.

Motherwort aerial parts

This herb is also important when looking to regulate your ovulation cycle. It can also reduce cramping in the uterus and help the uterus function more efficiently.


Mugwort has been used around the world to help women who suffer from amenorrhea because it can stimulate the uterus. It also helps to make the digestive system healthy and relieves stress and tension as well.

Parsley tap root

This is rich in vitamin C which has been known to help regulate the ovulation cycle. You can easily find this herb and it is extremely easy to consume on a daily basis.

Vitex – Chasteberry

Vitex promotes ovulation and helps regulate the menstrual cycle. IT is one of the b=most common herbs to be used for fertility issues in both men and women. If has also been shown to regulate the hormones in the body as well.

Shatavari Root

Shatavari Root is also an ancient herb and has been promoting fertility health for thousands of years. It helps to regulate both the menstrual cycle and the ovulation cycle as well.

White Peony

White Peony increases the circulation and blood flow in the body, especially in the reproductive region. It has been shown to balance hormones and moves blood regularly to the pelvic region. There are a number of benefits of white peony including a regulated ovulation cycle. Women who struggle with pain during their menstrual cycle have also found this herb to be extremely helpful.

Although there is not a drug that will help specifically with conceiving a boy, there are many that will help regulate your ovulation cycle and help you know when the best time to have intercourse is. By knowing your body well, you will know when you are ovulating and will be able to have intercourse as close to the time that you are fertile as possible.

This will increase your chances of having a boy substantially. However, it is still important to realize that there is never a guarantee and you may still end up having a girl when you become pregnant.

Drugs To Induce Ovulation

For women who are not ovulating regularly or who are having a difficult time ovulating on their own, ovulation induction is commonly used. By using these hormonal therapy drugs, the body is stimulated to produce healthy eggs that are then released. The hopes are that the woman’s body will then produce and release a single egg that is healthy and ready to be fertilized.

Ovulation induction can also be used with the intent of developing more than one healthy egg, which in turn increases the chances of conceiving and becoming pregnant. There are a great number of options available for women who are having issues with ovulation and each come with their own price tag and risk factors for side effects.


The most commonly used drug is clomiphene citrate. Brand names are Seraphene and Clomid, but Clomid is by far the most well-known brand of this drug. These drugs are anti-estrogen drugs and can actually trick your body into thinking that estrogen levels are low in the body.

This act encourages the body to produce more FSh which then induces the release of an egg or ovulation. Typically, women who begin taking this treatment method become pregnant within the first three months.

However, there are some significant side effects that can be seen through Clomid and many women have found that they need to be monitored closely while they are taking it. At times Clomid is prescribed along with other fertility treatments such as IUI (intrauterine insemination).


Human menopausal gonadotropin or hMG is also used for ovulation induction. It can stimulate the egg development in women and is especially helpful for women who ovulate infrequently or not at all. One of the downsides of these particular drugs is the fact that it may be difficult to determine how much to prescribe because every woman’s body reacts differently to the drug.

While this drug can also be used at the same time as IUI and IVF treatments, some monitoring is required by your doctor in order to help minimize complication risks and eliminate side effects. hMG is currently only available as an injection, but it is possible to perform the injection at home after special training.

FSH medications are given to women in the hopes that multiple eggs will be produced. At times they may be combined with hMG for women with severe cases of ovulation issues, but they also work great by themselves as well. One risk that you run with these medications is the risk of multiple births. However, this risk is also present with any fertility drug and the chances are increased as dosages are increased. FSH is also only available through an injection.


Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is also a popular drug that is used to increase ovulation and is used to promote the maturity of the eggs. With this drug, mature eggs are usually released about 36 hours after a woman is given hCG. It can also help the uterus prepare for the implantation of the egg once it becomes fertilized.


Luteinizing hormones and Follicle Stimulating hormones are also important for women who are looking to promote ovulation. Lupron is a drug that helps with both of these cycles by promoting the ovaries response to non-dormant follicles. It also helps regulate the ovulation cycle and has been shown to prevent premature ovulation. Typically Lupron is monitored through ultrasounds and blood tests and is commonly given to patients early on in the menstrual cycle.

If you are having a difficult time having a normal ovulation cycle, many of these drugs are helpful to get your body on track and help you ovulate. They all come with their own risks and a varying degree of dosage options. Many doctors will begin with a lower dosage of a drug and increase that dosage if it remains ineffective.

For women who are trying to get pregnant, discussing their ovulation patterns with their doctor is extremely important. Many women have trouble with ovulation and require medical assistance for it to be induced. Your doctor will be able to discuss with you the options that you have as well as any risk factor that may come along with any of the treatment options. Be sure to weigh your options carefully before beginning a treatment regimen.

How Do I Get Pregnant Right After Stopping Birth Control?

Even though it is not possible to perfectly predict when a woman will be able to become pregnant after she stops taking birth control, there are some ways to help speed up the process. Before you stop taking your birth control, it is best to begin taking a prenatal vitamin. This will help you to build up the nutrients that are needed to become pregnant quickly.

It is also a good idea to get to a healthy weight because this is something that tends to hinder the process of becoming pregnant. Living a healthy lifestyle can also improve your chances of becoming pregnant quickly after you stop taking birth control.

You can begin trying to become pregnant as soon as you stop taking birth control. However, it is best to monitor your ovulation cycle for a couple of months so that you will know when the best time to have intercourse is. This can also help you to become pregnant faster after you stop taking birth control.

Keep in mind that some birth controls take a longer period of time to leave the body than others. You should talk to your doctor regarding the amount of time that it will take for you to be ready to become pregnant.

How Can You Get Pregnant Fast With Diabetes?

If you have diabetes and you want to get pregnant, there are a few things that you should know. First of all, it is always a good idea to meet with your doctor before trying to conceive when you are a diabetic.

There are usually lots of tests, including blood tests, blood pressure tests, and even eye tests that doctors might want to do before women with diabetes get pregnant. If you smoke and/or drink alcohol, both of those things have to definitely be stopped before getting pregnant with diabetes, since they can cause complications with both mother and baby.

You also need to have an evaluation of your weight done with your doctor before trying to conceive, since diabetes can cause weight issues which will only be exacerbated by pregnancy. Your doctor will also be able to recommend a good prenatal vitamin to you that you will be able to use before getting pregnant as well as after you get pregnant.

If you take insulin controlling medications, your doctor might also want to change or adjust those while you are trying to conceive and after you get pregnant as well. Of course, tracking your ovulation and finding out when your fertile days are is another important part of trying to conceive that you should take into consideration.

What Positions To Get Pregnant With A Baby Girl?

Many couples wish to get pregnant with a baby girl. There are lots of different things out there that people can try to get pregnant with a baby girl. Some of them have been proven and some of them are old wive’s tales, but they might possibly work.

When it comes to sex positions, there are several that are reportedly better for conceiving a baby girl. Woman on top position is supposed to be good for conceiving a baby girl since the woman is in control and can help to make sure that the guy climaxes as close to the entrance to the vagina as possible.

Missionary position is also a good one for conceiving a girl, since the penetration isn’t usually very deep, and it can give the girl sperm the clear advantage. Another important thing to remember about trying to get pregnant with a baby girl is that when you orgasm during sex, it can make the vaginal environment more alkaline, and that can hinder the girl sperm.

So, when you are trying to conceive a baby girl, make sure you keep from having an orgasm. These are all important things to keep in mind when you are wanting to conceive a baby girl.

Can I Get Pregnant At Age 35?


There are many different reasons that women wait until their late 30’s to get pregnant. These days, women are spending much of their twenties and early thirties developing their careers, furthering their education, and building relationships. Women are usually more financially secure in their thirties, and might be more emotionally ready to have a baby once they hit their mid-thirties. While there are many benefits to waiting until 35 or after to get pregnant, there are some concerns that come along with pregnancy at this age.


Getting pregnant is sometimes harder to do when you are in your mid-thirties. This is because, as we all know, women are born with a set number of eggs, and by the time they hit 35, a woman’s egg supply might be beginning to run low. It is also possible that the eggs that a woman has left by the time she hits 35 might not always be the best quality eggs. This is because a woman’s body will use up the best quality eggs first, leaving behind the eggs that can cause problems sometimes. Once women hit age 35, they might even begin to have cycles where they don’t release an egg at all, which can make it take much longer to get pregnant than it would in a woman’s early twenties.


Due to the fact that the eggs around age 35 are often not of the highest quality, there is a greater chance of having a baby with a birth defect or a chromosomal abnormality. For example, for women over 35, the chance of having a baby with Down Syndrome is 1 in 378. This is compared to a risk of 1 in 1250 for women age 25.

Likewise, women aged 35-45 have around a 25-30% chance of miscarrying, compared to around a 12% chance for women aged 25.Prenatal care is so important when you get pregnant after age 35, since there can be problems with both baby and mom at this age. Women who get pregnant after 35 are also more likely to have pregnancy related problems like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, preterm labor, and more.


If you are interested in getting pregnant after 35, it is important to see your doctor before you try to conceive. Your doctor can help you figure out exactly what to do to improve your chances of getting pregnant, including figuring out when you ovulate, getting plenty of exercise, and improving your diet. For women who are older than 35 and who are actively trying to conceive, you should only wait six months before seeking fertility help if you are unable to conceive naturally.

Is The Missionary Position Best For Getting Pregnant?

Many women who want to get pregnant are curious to know what the best position is for getting pregnant. The truth of the matter is, having sex in any position can get you pregnant, but some positions might be a little bit better than others. For example, positions that help with deeper penetration, like missionary position and all fours (doggystyle), can help to deposit the sperm closer to the cervix, which can help increase the chances of getting pregnant.

This can be especially true if a woman has problems with hostile cervical mucus, where cervical mucus can actually damage the sperm. Therefore, making sure the sperm is deposited as close to the cervix as possible can help to ensure that the sperm arrives there undamaged.

Women who are trying to conceive should steer clear of positions that work against gravity, such as woman on top or standing sex, as these positions can allow the sperm to leak out and can lessen the chance of getting pregnant. However, the most important thing to remember is that you are having sex during your ovulation time. That is the best thing you can do to give yourself the best chance of getting pregnant.

Can Putting My Legs Up In The Air Help Me Get Pregnant?

Many women have heard the old wives tale about putting your legs up in the air after having sex in order to boost your chances of getting pregnant. But is it really true? Doctors and experts alike say that holding your legs up after sex to increase chances of getting pregnant is just a myth.

They say that most of the sperm actually make it to the cervix within seconds of ejaculation, and anything that leaks out after that is just fluid. There is really no scientific reason to leave your legs up after sex. If you want to remain in a horizontal position after intercourse for around 30 minutes or so in hopes of letting the sperm have a longer chance of getting to the egg, that is perfectly fine, but know that it has not been scientifically proven.


You can also leave a pillow under your hips after sex as well if you wish. However, just know that this is not a guarantee, and you can do it to make yourself feel better, but don’t but too much faith in this method.