Best Sleeping Position and Mattresses for Back Pain

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If you suffer from back pain, you have to consider your sleeping position. It is highly probable that your spine is not in its natural curve most of the time when you sleep.

Don’t Sleep on Your Stomach

The worst position to sleep when you have back pain is on your stomach. As a matter of fact, this is the worst sleeping position of all. Everyone, including those who don’t suffer from back pains, is discouraged to take this position.

When you sleep on your stomach, your lower back is compressed and tensed all night long. You will also tend to bend your head because you can’t breathe with your face right on the pillow. Whether you face left or right, your spine becomes twisted. Therefore, sleeping on your stomach is very bad for people with back pain.

Sleep on Your Back

Sleeping on your back is a very good position as it allows your spine to be in its natural curve. Just make sure that you’re not using a pillow that is too thick or your neck will be strained. Place a plush under your knees to help your back lie flat on the bed, removing pressure from the lower back.

Sleep on Your Side with Your Legs Together

The best sleeping position is on your side. However, don’t keep one leg higher than the other because it will give bad effects to your health just as sleeping on your stomach does and more. It also twists your pelvis, so don’t do this.

Sleep on your side with your legs together. This minimizes the amount of pressure your body may get while sleeping. Make sure to use a pillow that is not too thick to keep you neck parallel to the mattress.

Colgate ultra ii innerspring crib mattress

Available in the color white, the Colgate Ultra II is a standard crib mattress that fits perfectly with any standard crib size. The mattress ensures extra edges’ support by its nine-gauge steel border rods, which also provide long-lasting durability.

The high-quality spring unit with one hundred and fifty thick thirteen and a half gauge steel coils offers maximum comfort for the toddlers. It is shipped in certified frustration free packaging. Its height is six inches and weighs twenty-two pounds.


The Colgate Ultra II incorporates renewable coir fiber and insulation pad made from natural latex and coconut shell husks. This assures the level of comfort provided. It also features ventilation holes to keep the mattress fresh and your toddler will wake up revitalized as well. It is quite light and easier to move around.

The mattress is waterproof because of its incorporation of nylon. Since it is designed for children, it has the unique quality of being smell-free even if the kids throw up or leak their diapers on it. No matter what your little mischievous kid spills on the mattress, it will remain stain-free and smell-free as well. While all other crib mattresses tend to sag, this one will not!


Although ideal for small children and babies, the Colgate Ultra II is not exactly fit for very active children that love jumping on the bed. It cannot withstand continuous great pressure.

The perfect choice

The Colgate Ultra II is hands down the most perfect choice you can ever make for your child’s comfort. This mattress has everything you were hoping for. Your child will rest smoothly and love this mattress. It is worth every penny.

Comfortaire Mattress review

We’ve reviewed all Comfortaire mattresses available on the market(read about our accurate unbiased method), compared side-by-side, and scored according to a range of factors including comfort, pain relief potential, durability, initial odor and heat retention ability.

Below you will find a comparison chart(click on the product name to read full review). Also check our buying guide.

Comfortaire is a bedding brand which is best known for their high quality air mattresses. The company is selling sleeping accessories and bedding products for last 30 years and known for its innovations in the industry. The innovative mattresses manufactured by the company are designed to provide ultimate comfort and adjustable support through the level of air in the mattress. The beds and mattresses are well-made and durable.

Comfortaire Mattress Features

The dynamic support feature in their mattresses adjusts quickly as users change or move on the bed. The popular mattress product lines include Genesis series, Nouvelle series, Ultimate series Specialty Comfort. A mattress usually contains mattress cover, foam topper, air chambers, box top, foam mild support blocks, edge support blocks, air control system and hand controls. You can add your own layer of toppers or other parts for more customized feel by just replacing one part.

Health and Benefits

The contour provided by the mattress allows healthy blood circulation in the body during sleep. The mattresses are also fitted with bamboo or feran ice covers which provide a cooling effect and eliminates the sweating problems. The pressure point relief and support to ensure healthy body posture is also offered.

The air mattress by Comfortaire is also designed to provide pain relief for back, neck and hip pan as well as body aches. The easy-to-move mattress is also praised by pregnant women for comfort and ease of use.


The air mattress is praised for its pain relief potential as many customers reported relief in back, hip, and shoulder pain. The air chambers contour to the body position as the user moves and keeps adequate support which results in the prevention and relief of body pain.

The air mattresses also have a longer lifespan than another form of mattresses as longevity is also a praised and highlighted feature by many customers. Customers can also adjust the firmness by adding or removing air through air chambers. Customers praised the customizable firmness level and easy-to-use electric pump which offers 65 to 100 firmness variation in different models.

It is also rated as couple-friendly due to effective motion absorption and ease to move. Complaints about odor or gassing are also minimal. These mattresses also don’t need any flipping which is another plus.


One of the common complaints is about noise as few customers complained about loud air pumps. Few others were not happy with the time and effort required to assemble all the parts. Higher prices also make them out of reach for many people.

Price Range

Mattresses by Comfortaire are not cheap if compared to other brands. The price ranges from $1500 to $6500 based on the size and model you are interested in. The mattresses include different parts like air chambers, pumps, controllers, covers and comfort layers that add up to higher price.

Lifespan & Warranty

Lifespan of the air mattresses are generally longer than the normal mattresses as you don’t need to replace entire mattress if something goes wrong. In air mattresses, you can simply replace the part and can get the mattress working again. This is why Comfortaire offers 25 years of limited warranty on their mattresses. The company also offers 100 days trial period and also pays for the return shipment.

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