How To Get Pregnant With No Uterus

April 11, 2019 by No Comments

While it can be difficult, it is possible for a woman to become pregnant without a uterus. Normally, the fallopian tubes and the cervix will still remain, which will make it possible for the eggs to be released and become fertilized.

When this happens, however, it usually ends in a miscarriage, but sometimes the egg may attach to the wall of an organ or the abdomen. As the baby grows, however, the woman’s life could be in danger because of the location of the baby.

For women with no uterus, there is an extremely low chance that a baby will be born from her body. However, there are still options for women who are looking to have a baby. One of the best options is to use a surrogate to have your baby.

If the fallopian tubes and ovaries are intact, doctors may be able to harvest eggs from her body. When this happens they will be able to fertilize the eggs in a laboratory setting and insert them into another woman’s womb.

This is a good option for women with no uterus because the baby will still biologically be theirs. If this is not an option, adoption may also be available for women without a uterus.

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