How To Naturally Reverse Infertility & Get Pregnant Naturally

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The idea of taking fertility drugs can be very scary for a woman. It is known that they have some dangerous side effects and the possibility of having multiple children. Some women do not want that these dangerous drugs in their bodies and are looking for a more natural way to increase her chances of becoming pregnant.

Luckily, there are many natural options that you can choose from in order to improve your chances of becoming pregnant and at the same time avoid taking fertility drugs that are prescribed by your doctor. Below are some of the most popular, natural options that you can try to increase your chances of becoming pregnant faster.


The most popular drug that a doctor typically starts their patients on who are having difficulties becoming pregnant is Clomid. It has been known to be highly effective at regulating and enhancing a woman’s ovulation. However, Clomid does come with quite a few health risks, including multiple births, ovarian rupture, and other issues.

Although these items are rare, they can be avoided by taking a more natural option. Two natural fertility treatments that work in much the same way as Clomid are called Vitex and Maca. These drugs help to regulate ovulation as well as female hormones. They have also been shown to improve the health of the eggs and increase sperm count in men.

Vitex has even been shown to help women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, and other uterine problems. These drugs are both options that you can take and are natural replacements for Clomid.


The typical lifecycle of a female egg is around 90 days. This is the amount of time it takes for the egg to make its journey to the womb from the ovary in the hopes that it may be fertilized. The egg has a better chance of implantation if it is healthy. Cleansing your body before you begin trying to become pregnant is a good way to remove toxins and chemicals that may prevent help the eggs from forming healthy.

It is a good idea to do your cleanse about three months before you’re ready to start trying to become pregnant. The items that you should avoid while you’re trying to become pregnant are things like refined sugar, processed foods, trans fat, and dairy. To replace these items you should consume whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and organic meats and dairy.

This cleanse can help rid your body of toxins that may help prevent it from becoming pregnant as well as get rid of hormones and other elements that may be causing issues with the uterus.


You should also nourish your eggs in order to prepare your uterus so that it will be able to grow a healthy baby. This means that you should eat a well-balanced diet that is free of preservatives and hormones. It is also important that you take a daily multivitamin as well as other fertility enhancing vitamins and nutrients.

This process will help strengthen your uterine lining and improve your chances of conceiving naturally. Maca is important during this process and you can also find many other foods that can help improve the quality and health of your eggs.


There are some natural treatments that you can try to help improve and nurture your uterus such as acupuncture and fertility massage. These techniques have been used for many years and have been shown to help people who are infertile finally be able to conceive.

Doctor uses needles for treatment of the patient

Some have relied on these methods even after all other fertility treatments have failed and have been able to become pregnant simply by trying some of these natural techniques.

Beautiful young woman having stomach massage.


There are a number of reasons why women want to avoid taking fertility drugs if at all possible. Some fear the side effects that they may cause and others simply want to avoid the chemicals that are placed into the body. Regardless of your reason for wanting to avoid prescription fertility drugs, you can easily try these natural methods for yourself, which many others have found successful.

It is a good idea to discuss your options with your doctor and make sure that he is aware of any drugs that you are taking. Some drugs may not work well with other medications that you may be taking, so it is important that your doctor can compare your current medications with any natural supplements that you are taking.

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