Robitussin And Cervical Mucus, Does It Work?

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When you are looking to become pregnant, cervical mucus can be extremely important. Even though you are not required to have it in order to become pregnant, it can help protect the sperm and make sure that it lives long enough to reach the egg and fertilize it.

Some women struggle to become pregnant because of the health of their cervical mucus and find that it is necessary to improve the health of it in order to increase their chances of becoming pregnant.

There are many different things on the market that have been shown to help improve the cervical mucus that a woman has in her body. One of these items is Robitussin. While this drug and helping with fertility are not usually thought of together, it has been shown to loosen up the mucus in the entire body, rather than only in the lungs as most people think.


One of the best things about cervical mucus is that it can help a woman determine when she is ovulating. During the month, this cervical mucus changes in consistency and color so that fertility can be promoted at the right time.

For example, after a woman finishes her menstrual cycle, her cervical mucus will be dry and there will be very little of it. However, the closer that she comes to the time when she is fertile, the loser and more plentiful her cervical mucus becomes.

Eventually, cervical mucus will change to where it is thin and resembles egg whites. It is at this time that a woman is most fertile and that she should participate in intercourse. When cervical mucus is in this state, it is considered healthy.

Sperm will enter the body and it will be protected by this mucus as it travels to the egg. If healthy sperm is not available, it will be harder for the sperm to reach the egg properly.


There are some medications that can negatively affect cervical mucus. Clomid, for example, has been shown to produce hostile mucus in some women. Even though Clomid is usually considered to promote fertility and help a woman to become pregnant, there is a chance that hostile mucus will be a side effect of taking it.


However, women have found that by taking Robitussin, they are able to clear up the hostile mucus and are able to produce the healthy and fertile cervical mucus that is important when they are trying to become pregnant.


In order for it to be the most effective, there are certain periods of time when you should take Robitussin. For example, you should carefully monitor your ovulation cycle so that you know when you are most fertile.

There are a couple of different ways that you can do this; either by using an ovulation predictor kit or by tracking your ovulation with a basal thermometer. Both of these methods are very effective and you should choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

About five days before you begin ovulating, you should begin taking Robitussin; the dosage is two teaspoons, three times a day. When you find that you are fertile, you can continue to take it for a couple of days following the positive reading on your ovulation predictor kit or basal temperature.


Even though Robitussin is typically considered a drug that is taken for colds and congestion, it can actually loosen up all the fluid in your body, not just those related to your respiratory system. Many women have found that by taking Robitussin, they are able to improve the quality of their cervical mucus and create an environment that is healthy for sperm to live in.

It is not necessary to stick with the name brand of this drug when you are using it for this reason. There are also many generic options that are also very effective in helping with the improvement of your cervical mucus.

However, it is important that you check to make sure that the active ingredient is guaifensin and that there are no other ingredients that may affect the success of the drug. If you do find there are other ingredients listed, these other items may make the drug that you are considering not as effective as Robitussin.

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